Up to Date Listing of Open Businesses/Modifications/Closures

Name of Business Address Changes
715 Restaurant 715 Massachusetts Gift Cards available
1313 Mockingbird Lane 1021 1/4 Massachusetts Open online, Curbside delivery available
& Blow Dry 888 New Hampshire Closed
Abe & Jakes 8 East 6th Closed
Acme 847 Massacshuetts you can purchase on line lawrence@freshacme.com
Acme Counseling 729 1/2 Massachusetts Open
Aimee’s Café & Coffeehouse 1025 Massachusetts Curb Side and delivery available
American Shaman CBD 1901 Massachuetts Open, Curbside pick up available
Curtis Anderson OD 932 Massachusetts Emegencies only
Archibowls 125 East 10th Street Take out only
Au Marche 931 Massachusetts Curbside/Alley Pickup Free Delivery w/ $30 Purchase
Basil Leaf Café 616 West 9th Street Curbside carry out and Delivery available
Be Moved Studio 2 East 7th Closed, Online Classes available
Black Stag Brewery 623 Massachusetts Curbside Beer Sales, Take and Heat Meals
Bodhi Tree Holistic Healing 715 East 7th #201 Discounted Gift Certificates
Bodytruth Soap Bar 10 East 9th Shipping and Local Delivery available
Bon Bon 804 Pennsylvania Closed
The Bottleneck 737 New Hampshire Closed
Breakout Lawrence 727 Massachusetts Gift Certificates on line
Brits 929 Massachusetts Order online
Browns Shoe Fit 829 Massachusetts Curb Side pickup, Free Shipping, Free Delivery
The Burger Stand 803 Massachusetts Closed
Capital Federal 740 New Hampshire Drive Thru Only
CBD of Lawrence 843 Massachusetts Curbside Pickup, Free Delivery
Central Bank of the Midwest 300 West 9th Drive Thru Only
Cider Gallery 810 Pennsylvania Closed
Clark Huesemann 927 1/2 Massachusetts Closed
Cottin’s Hardware 1832 Massachusetts Open
Crandon & Crandon 1019 Massachusetts Open
D&D Tire & Service 1000 Vermont Open Online availabe, no contact available
Delaney and Loew 732 Massachusetts Curbside available, Online store coming soon
Dempsey’s 623 Vermont Curbside Beer Sales, Curbside and delivery
The Dentists in Lawrence 831 Vermont Emergencies only
Dobbins and LeTourneau Eye Care 831 Vermont Open, reduced hours
Downtown Barbershop 824 Massachusetts Closed
Dusty Bookshelf 708 Massachusetts Buy online
Eagle’s Rest Natural Home 815 Massachusetts Online available
Eccentricity: A Unique Boutique 716 Massachusetts Open online Delivery available in town, Free shipping out of town
Einstein’s 1026 Massachusetts Closed
The Eldridge Hotel 701 Massachusetts By Appointment
Encore Café 1007 Massachusetts Closed
Essential Goods 933 Massachusetts Open Online
The Etc. Shop 928 Massachusetts Closed
Footprints 1339 Massachusetts Open online, Curbside delivery available
Framewoods 819 Massachusetts Curbside pickup, shop online, delivery available
Free State Brewery 636 Massachusetts Go go meals and beer
Game Nut` 844 Massachusetts Closed
Garry Gribble’s Running Sports 839 Massachusetts Closed
Glik’s 717 Massachusetts Open Online
Global Cafe 820 Massachusetts Carry out and Delivery available
Goldmakers 725 Massachusetts Curbside Pickup and Delivery
The Granada 1020 Massachusetts Closed
Great Harvest 807 Vermont Order online, pickup available
Halo Deck 738 Massachusetts Online Boutique Open
Heinbach & Larkin, DDS 10 East 9th Emergencies only
House of Cha 21 West 9th Closed
Intrust Bank 901 Vermont Drive Thru Only
Jefferson’s 743 Massachusetts Closed
Jewelry by Julie 17 West 9th Closed
J. Lynn Bridal 731 Massachusetts Closed
Jock’s Nitch 826 Massachusetts Online Open
Jungle House Goods 924 Delaware Door step delivery, gift cards available online, to-go workshop kits for kids
Kansas Sampler/Rally Sports 921 Massachusetts Open Online
KB&Co. 825 Massachusetts Open online
Kizer-Cummings Jewelry 833 Massacuhsetts By Appointment, curbside pickup
La Prima Tazza 638 Massachusetts Delivery available
Lawrence Antique Mall 830 Massachusetts Closed
Lawrence Arts Center 940 New Hampshire Online programing
Lawrence Public Library 707 Vermont Closed/Online content available
Leeway Franks 935 Iowa #7 Pick up and Delivery Gift Cards available on line
The Levee Café 239 Elm Take and Heat Meals
Leroy’s Tavern 729 New Hampshire Closed
Liberty Hall Theater 644 Massachusetts Popcorn available for carryout
Liberty Hall Video 644 Massachusetts Call ahead for Pick up. Lots of rentals available
Limestone 814 Massachusetts Closed
Love Garden 822 Massachusetts Curbside Delivery
Lucky Dog 1027 Massachusetts Curb Side and delivery available
Lucia Beer Garden + Grill/ Cheesy Street 1016 Massachusetts Chesesy Street Open for Pick up and Delivery
lululemon 714 Massachusetts Closed
Maceli’s 1031 New Hampshire Take out meals available
Mad Greek 907 Massachusetts Family Meal Packs avaialable
Mana Bar 1111 Massachusetts Closed
Mane Haus 1009 New Hampshire #C Closed
Mark’s Jewelers 817 Massachusetts Closed
Mass Street Fish House 719 Massachusetts Gift Cards available
Mass Street Music 1347 Massachusetts Closed
Mass Street Soda 1103 Massachusetts Curbside pickup/ Free Delivery
Merchants Pub & Plate 746 Massachusetts Curb Side suspended
Mexquisito 712 Massachusetts Delivery
McColm Orthodontics 12 West 8th Closed
Milton’s 901 New Hampshire Closed
Minsky’s Pizza 934 Massachusetts Carry out and Delivery available 20% off over $30
Mud & Lotus 841 New Hampshire Closed
Ondori Noodle Shop 1008 Massachusetts Closed, Gift Cards Available online
Phoenix Gallery 825 Massachusetts Closed
Pickleman’s 818 Massachusetts  Contactless delivery available Call West Location
Pita Pit 1011 Massachusetts Delivery and pickup available
Plymouth Congregational Church 925 Vermont Watch online
The Prom House 716 Massachusetts Delivery available in town, Free shipping out of town
Quinton’s 615 Massachusetts Closed
Red Lyon Tavern 944 Massachusetts Closed
Ramen Bowls 918 Massachusetts No cash accepted, Contactless delivery available
Raven Book Store 6th East 7th Street Order online, Free delivery
RPG 724 Massachusetts Closed
Rudy’s Pizza 704 Massachusetts No contat curbside and  Delivery
Saint John the Evagelist Catholic Church 1234 Kentucky Watch online
Salon di Marco 733 Massachusetts Closed
Salon Pearl 123 West 8th Closed
Salvation Army 946 New Hampshire Closed Sack Lunches available
The Sandbar 17 East 8th Closed
Signs of Life 722 Massachusetts Closed
Social Service League of Lawrence 905 Rhode Island Closed
Stitch On 926 Massachusetts Open Online
Striped Cow 835 Massachusetts Closed
The Summit 901 New Hampshire Closed
Summit’s Steps 11 West 9th Open Online
Sunflower Outdoor & Bike Shop 804 Massachusetts Repairs open, Online store open
Swanson’s 700 Massachusetts Curbside pickup available
Sylas & Maddys 1101 Massachusetts Closed
Ta Co. 801 Massachusetts Carry out only
Taco Zone 13 East 8th Closed
Terrebone Po’ Boys 805 Vermont Carry-out only, Order online
The Toy Store 936 Massachusetts Curbside Pickup and Delivery
Urban Outfitters 1013 Massachusetts Closed
The Velvet Chair 716 Massachusetts Closed
Wa 740 Massachusetts Take out and Delivery
Wake the Dead 7 East 7th Closed
Watkins Museum of History 1047 Masachusetts Closed, Online open
Waxman Candles 609 Massachusetts Curbside Pickup, Reduced Hours
Weavers 901 Massachusetts Free Delivery, Curbside Pickup
Wheatfields 904 Vermont Take out available
Wild Territory 942 Massachusetts Curbside available, Free delivery
Winfield House 647 Massachusetts Closed
Wonderfair 841 Massachusetts Free in town Delivery, online open
Yarn Barn 930 Massachusetts Closed
Zen Zero 811 Massachusetts Curbside, carry out and delivery available