Paw Valley Virtual 5K and Challenge

05/01/2020 – 12:00 am
Multiple suggested routes in Lawrence.
1805 E 19th St,

Our usual 5K and Festival has converted into a new social-distancing-approved set of two running events- a virtual 5K and a virtual running challenge. The premise of these virtual events is to give members of our community who are interested in fitness an opportunity to get outside during social distancing and stay active, while also helping a noble cause of saving homeless animals. Here are some details about our Paw Valley events:

1. Paw Valley Challenge – Walk 20 Miles in May: a month-long (May 1 – May 31) walking/running challenge to get you (and your dog) outside regularly while helping the Lawrence Humane Society raise funds for our lifesaving mission!

2. Paw Valley 5k Across Lawrence (May 24 – 30): We have routes scattered across Lawrence that you can walk or run at any point during the designated 5K week. If you are not able to access these routes, don't worry – you can record any 3.1 miles that you walk or run! We have created multiple suggested routes to run the 3.1 miles, however, participants can also run their own routes of choice, so it cuts down on human contact. The designated days to run the 5K also span from May 24 through 30, so people can run at any time between those days. The times will be tracked through the app Strava, so we will be able to award prizes based upon those numbers.

If you would like to join in on this fun, you can sign up via the link below.
(785) 843-6835