June Virtual Final Friday at the Phoenix Gallery

06/26/2020 – 07:00 pm
Phoenix Gallery
825 Massachusetts St.

Join us June 26, virtually for this month’s Final Friday on Facebook Live at 7PM! We will be hosting a virtual opening of Ryan Brown’s debut show, Shea Butter. Ryan will be joining us on facebook live to discuss her body of work. Ryan is a self-taught artist. Through appropriation of journalistic and popular culture images, Ryan has created a body of work that illustrates aspects of the Black Community. The opening of Shea Butter will coincide with the unveiling of our new virtual gallery experience. You will be able to explore Ryan’s show as well as a selection of our Fine Arts Gallery online from the comfort of your home. More details on how to access the virtual gallery will be posted in the days leading up to the opening. Be sure to like and follow our Facebook @PhoeinxGallery1 before the show so you can be notified when we go live.

Ryan Brown – Shea Butter is a critical staple in the Black Community. We use it to protect our hair and enrich our skin that comes in so many different beautiful shades. Shea butter is something that holds the Black experience together. The paintings that I have created are an ode to the Black Community. I want to show the rawness of different skin tones across different people in the portraits, therefore conveying a powerful tone through each painting. Growing up, I didn’t see a lot of Black representation in art and artists. Being able to showcase the large range of diversity in my people through my craft is incredibly empowering.
My work is primarily acrylic. I use light brushstrokes and blend with my fingers to create a smoother look. This helps me to create the structure of their faces. Black people come in all different shades and hues. I showcase this through the use of different color palettes. This is essential to the aesthetic of each painting. My inspiration for my work is the beautiful Black bodies that I find on social media platforms and magazines. I look for people with striking features that I can fuse together with my own ideas. When I find someone that inspires me, I draw them by hand onto my canvas and then paint it shortly after.

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