Record Store Day 2022 Round 2

Saturday, June 18 ; 9am
Love Garden Sounds
822 Massachusetts

Record Store Day is gonna be spread out over two dates again this year: 4/23 and 6/18. This time the 2nd date is about supply chain issues instead of pandemic restrictions.
For reasons we don’t really understand, the RSD organization is pretending there’s only one record store day when there are actually two. You can check out the (not sortable by date) exclusive item list for both dates right here:
Starting at 9am and until all the reserved spots have been given away, we’ll post up on the front step of the store and have interested customers draw a random number out of a bucket, one draw per person. Those numbers will include both a time and priority number. Based on the random drawing, you may be assigned 9:30am and #1, or 10:15 and #10, or Noon and #15. That will be your time and queue number to get the items you want. The exclusives will only be available to people who participated in the drawing until 12:15pm, at which point we’ll let people without numbers browse the RSD Exclusives.
Once you get to browse the RSD exclusives, you’ll be able to select up to 5 of those items to purchase and only 1 copy of any particular item. We’ll send out an email (and post info in this FB event page) on Friday 4/22 that will break down all the RSD exclusive titles we have in hand and their prices.
The shop will be open from 9:30am-8pm on 4/23!
Email us at if you have questions or concerns, we’ll write back.