It’s Final Fridays!

Friday, June 24; 5-9pm
Various Downtown Locations

On the last Friday of every month (all year long!) from 5-9PM, the streets of Downtown Lawrence and the Warehouse Arts District erupt. Storefronts convert into flash spaces, and performances and exhibits spill in and out of galleries and businesses.  Final Fridays include activities for kids, exhibitions designed to challenge adults, music, dance and theater for all ages.


Final Fridays began in August of 2010. The Lawrence Arts Center, Downtown Lawrence Inc., The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission and a wealth of artists, gallerists, art collectives and local businesses came together. They all saw the value of the arts in Lawrence, and that an opportunity existed to bring the arts to a wider public.  The idea of a monthly free arts festival was agreed upon, and as a result Final Fridays was born.
Lawrence has one of the highest percentages of working artists in the country per capita, therefore Lawrence has long stood out in the Kansas landscape as a mecca for creative thought and energy.

June Events are lining up, here is what we have so far…

The Cider Gallery, 810 Pennsylvania St, :FOKELORE: Group Exhibition:Depicting folklore through visual representations of fables, fairy tales, parables or other stories passed down through generations. This may be presented as simply as an interpretation of an idiom, or a scene from a story significant to the artist.  Featuring new works by: Kent Smith, Cassidy Fesenmeyer, Paul Punzo, Bread Nugent, Charlotee Pemberton, Lindsey Yankee, Matthew Lord, Dalton Paley, Leo Hayden, Miggie Smallz, Theresa Shetler Logan, Cole Heck, Barry Fitzgerald, Jeff Cowden, Nicholas Stahl, Jesse Gray, Travis Ball, Landon Merrill, Nick Perry, and more…

Crescent Moon Wine Tasting Room, 732 Massachusetts, 12-8pm  We are excited to host Marti Anderson, our featured Artist for this Final Friday’s June Artist Marti Anderson: About Marti….Native to the Southwest Corner of Colorado and recently moved to the Northeast Kansas to be near family. As such, Marti has always been surrounded by nature’s beauty. She combines observation, passion and sensitivity to her work and delights in working with a plethora of mediums, including oils, pastels, watercolor, and mixed medium.

Lawrence Arts Center, 947 New Hampshire, 5-9pm, Seeds of Tomorrow/Semillas Del Manana Opening Reception: A representation of the will of the Latin American community who has to work for a better life for their families and themselves. Latin Americans are part of the history of migration in Kansas and an integral part of the fabric of the United States. From the Mexican families who labored for the Santa Fe Railroad of yesterday, to Central American factory workers who continue to feed us today, our stories represent the hope and faith for the seeds of tomorrow.

Caballero’s work is based on his personal identity, which was formed both by watching his parents support the family through labor jobs as well as by his mother, who emigrated from Panama. Caballero’s artwork narrates enduring questions of identity through the use of the human figure, labor politics, and mixed-media sculpture. Caballero’s narrative sculpture reinterprets the visual iconography throughout North and Central America with the materials available to working-class immigrants today.

Lawrence Visitors Center, 812 Massachusetts; 4-6pm: “We’ll Have a Gay Ol’ Time:  Documenting Drag in Lawrence, KS.  Fally Afani is an artist and photographer based out of Lawrence, Kansas. She has spent the last few years embedded in the local drag scene, documenting the thrilling and extravagant performances that come out of the region’s most talented drag queens and kings. “We’ll Have a Gay Ol’ Time!” examines the rise in popularity of local drag, as well as how drag performances have been married into the local entertainment and nightlife scene.  This event falls during PRIDE month, with PRIDE celebrations kicking off downtown on June 24th and 25th. Art show: 4:00 – 6:00 PM, Drag performance by Ms. Amanda Love: 4:30 PM

Arts+Cultures+Crossings, Watkins Museum,1047 Massachusetts 6pm: BANG: A Historical Play by Dan Born.  Joan Volmer was shot and killed by William S. Burroughs in a drunken William Tell game-gone-wrong, 70 years ago. That senseless killing has become central to the legend of the Beats. Burroughs himself was forced to the appalling conclusion that it turned him into a writer. But what of his victim? In all the stories of the Beats, she rarely emerges from the background, not in fact until the final few minutes of her life. Is an accidental victimhood all she had to contribute? This play is my attempt to give her a voice, to let her tell her story.  2 performances: 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM – Artist Statement: Mostly Dan Born writes historical plays, he enjoys the research. This play is one of a series Dan is writing which deals with writers (of some sort) who have had a significant connection to Lawrence. “Bang” of course is the William S. Burroughs entry.

Mobile Art Supply Cart, Lawrence Arts Center 940 New Hampshire, 5-8pm: An extension of Arts+Cultures+Crossings.  The Mobile Art Supply Cart makes art more accessible to anyone who could not otherwise afford the cost of art supplies. The cart makes an effort to sustainably source those materials for members of our community. Kāli feels passionately about the positive impact this could have on our city to bring the community together and make a conscious effort to reduce consumption and reuse products that have not yet reached the end of their artistic life. Donate your unused art supplies today to be used in the cart!

The Phoenix Gallery, 825 Massachusetts; 6-9pm: ‘Local Waters: A Group Show of Clinton Lake’, will feature many familiar artists from the gallery. The group show will be available to view throughout the month of June in our fine arts gallery. The evening will also have live music by local band The Twangles, along with light refreshments.

Watkins Museum of History, 1047 Massachusetts, 6-8pm; Familiar Faces: The Gary Davis Photo Collection: In 2021, the Watkins Museum of History received a treasure trove of photographs depicting the everyday lives of Black families in North Lawrence. These photos are remarkable in how they capture a vibrant and close-knit community.

The Watkins has partnered with Alyssa Cole, PhD candidate in History at the University of Kansas with a Master’s degree in African and African American Studies, to create an exhibit that shares these images to celebrate the history and community fellowship of Black citizens in North Lawrence.