• Where can I park? There are almost 1000 free parking spaces downtown as well as 2 hour meters, 10 hour meters and three parking garages with free and long term spaces. It costs $2 to park in the garages all day! Click here for the Parking Map that shows all of the different options.


  • What does it cost to park? Click here to see all of the options and pricing!


  • What hours and days is parking enforced? Parking is enforced Monday-Saturday from 9:30am-6:00pm. All parking is free on Sundays and holidays.


  • Where can I park for free? There are many free 2 hour spaces located in the lots on Vermont and New Hampshire Streets. There are also free 2 hour spaces on the main levels of all 3 parking garages.


  • There is a parking space on the opposite side of Mass. Street, should I make a U-turn and take it? NO. that will result in a $150 ticket, and, you will notice that if you do try to take it, you won’t pull into the space correctly on your first try.


  • Help, I received a parking ticket, what do I do?Online credit card payments are made through Cite Pay USA, which is accessible from the City of Lawrence website, here: lawrenceks.org/attorney/online_payments. The website also includes additional payment directions.Please note that Cite Pay USA does charge a 5.9% service fee for all credit card payments whether they are made online or in person at Municipal Court.

    All other parking citation payment options are still available, including payments made in-person at Municipal Court, located at 1 Riverfront Plaza, Suite 310, via cash, check, money order or credit card. Checks can also be mailed to the below address:

    City of Lawrence Municipal Court
    PO Box 1695
    Lawrence, KS 66044

    More information about City of Lawrence parking can be found online, here: lawrenceks.org/parking.

    OR online payments HERE.

Visit the City’s Parking Page HERE


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