Our Downtown Revisioning Plan will allow all of our downtown businesses to expand commerce outside their doors. This plan was developed by Downtown Lawrence and Goudl Evans (who have done all of their work pro bono to help our community!!!!!) and the City.

There is a permitting and licensing process to follow in order for this expansion. City of Lawrence fees are waived for Right-of-Way (ROW) permits. The State Alcoholic Beverage Control department (ABC) requires its own process for the expansion of premise that will allow the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the expanded areas.

Businesses on Massachusetts Street are covered under the comprehensive plan to expand to the sidewalk immediately adjacent to their business – what we might refer to as the sidewalk dining area – as well as to the expansion zone across the walkway. Current on-premise liquor license holders will be allowed to sell and serve alcoholic beverages in the sidewalk dining and expansion zones. This will require completion of the ABC-816 form, which does require a drawn map (can be hand drawn and simple) to show how your premises will expand out from your front door.

Businesses that are located on side streets will apply individually and the requests will be handled through the Planning Process of developing a Site Plan, getting it approved, etc. They will work hard to expedite this process! Please work with your neighbors to ensure that no one’s plans encroach on other businesses and work together to be creative with use of your spaces!

Please look at the permit processes below:


Downtown Reconfiguration Plan Permit Process

If you want to apply to use the expanded sidewalk space to serve food and beverage outside:

Click here to link to the City’s website that will lead you through the Right of Way (ROW) permit application process:



If you want to sell and serve alcohol in the expanded space – in addition to applying to for the Right of Way permit:

You will need to apply for an ABC Extension request; then upload document into the permit application:
Click here for the State ABC form: https://www.ksrevenue.org/pdf/abc816.pdf;
a)The ABC-816 requires a drawn map of your extended premise – it cannot be submitted or approved without this.
b) The ABC-816 requires a signature from the City Clerk’s office prior to submission to the State for approval.
c) You must include the City Resolution allowing for the temporary expansion prior to submission.


If your business is located on a side street off Mass. Street:

  1. A ROW Permit is required: click here to go to the City website – this will require a drawing of your proposed expanded area.
  2. Approved ABC request and Resolution uploaded into the permit application
  3. City staff will assist you with questions.

Other important information:

  1. Downtown Revisioning Plan will be evaluated for efficacy on August 4th – depending on how everything is going City Commission could end it early. Please be prepared to share your support or opposition to the plan for that meeting. Hopefully we will have success stories and be able to take advantage of the more appealing early fall weather in September and October for outdoor activity.
  2. The Downtown Reconfiguration will sunset on Oct. 31st, at 11:59 pm


Contacts for questions:

ROW Permits/Process: Enrico Villegas (Vi-YAY-gus),
Program Administrator, evillegas@lawrenceks.org
Municipal Services and Operations | City of Lawrence, KS
PO Box 708, Lawrence, KS 66044
Cell – (785) 813-5010
Office – (785) 832-7884

Liquor License Extension – City Clerk Signature: Sherri Riedemann
City Clerk, sriedemann@lawrenceks.org
City Clerk, | City of Lawrence, KS
P.O. Box 708, Lawrence, KS 66044

Office (785) 832-3201